Tus-EST Wins The “Top Ten Influential Companies in the Solid Waste Industry” For 11 Consecutive Years
Release:2019-12-19 |View:1916

On December 19, 2019, the 2019 13th Solid Waste Strategy Forum, co-sponsored by E20 Environment Platform and China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., was grandly opened in Beijing. The theme of the forum is “Competition and Cooperation, Ecological Interconnection”, where a number of experts with well-known environmental companies gathered at the site to discuss the future development of the solid waste industry. ZHANG Xinjian, Vice President of Tus-EST and General Manager of Beijing Sound Sanitation Investment Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the conference and make a keynote speech, sharing the practice and development of Tus-EST in the entire solid waste industry chain. At the same time, the award ceremony was held of the “Top Ten Influential Enterprises in the Solid Waste Industry” in 2019 and Tus-EST won this award for the 11th consecutive year.


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