TUS-EST Medical Waste Emergency Team Rushes to Wuhan to Give Support Bravely
Release:2019-2-13 |View:7533

After learning of the rapid increase of medical waste in Wuhan and the pressure to dispose of it, TUS-EST, as a leading company in the field of environmental protection in China, took the initiative to contact the Hubei Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and submitted a “petition” and proposed a detailed “Three-in-one” medical waste emergency management and operation system plan. The plan was highly accepted by the Hubei Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, which immediately instructed the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment to formally issue an approval document to allow TUS-EST to participate in the medical waste treatment work, mainly responsible for the medical waste treatment of Wuhan Union Jiangnan Hospital (Jiangxia District First People’s Hospital), whilst giving consideration to Leishenshan Hospital.


Under the leadership and guidance of Wen Hui, Secretary of CPC General Branch and Chairman of TUS-EST, and Li Xingwen, President of TUS-EST, the company quickly established the Leadership Group of Anti-epidemic Emergency Work to Support Wuhan headed by Wei Bin, Vice President and General Manager of the Solid Waste and Renewable Resources Center, a group that coordinated and took command of this major emergency response. Emergency mobilization, equipment deployment, material preparation, and approval for passage were rapidly executed. Through emergency deployment of the medical waste emergency treatment system, 12 team members with outstanding performance, excellent style and strong will were selected from the management of the solid waste and renewable resources sector and the medical waste project companies under the control of headquarters. Within one day, TUS-EST Anti-epidemic Wuhan Support Team was formed.


Following notification of the emergency, TUS-EST acted fast and initiated the emergency plan, deployed the mobile medical waste emergency treatment system, gathered the backbone force of the medical waste frontline, activated the “three-in-one” medical waste emergency management and operation system of the mobile treatment system + rapid response operation plan + net-shaped professional support platform, and rushed to Wuhan to provide assistance. TUS-EST has once again practiced the corporate culture of “People Orientation, Combination of Knowledge and Practice” with practical actions, demonstrating its sense of mission and responsibility as a listed state-controlled company.

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