Totally RMB 529 Million of Low-interest Special Loans for Pandemic Prevention and Control Have Been Obtained
Release:2020-5-15 |View:1830

Since the outbreak of COVID-2019, TUS-EST and its key subsidiaries, as the key enterprises for local public health services and environmental governance, have made great efforts to guarantee the stable operation of their projects. The Company’s medical wastes and hazardous wastes disposal projects, as important parts of the chain of pandemic prevention and control, have played an active role in the prevention and control of the pandemic to ensure daily cleanup of medical wastes in the project locations during the pandemic period, especially in Hubei. For environmental sanitation operations and solid waste disposal, the number of waste removals and work shifts are increased to ensure normal operation of the solid waste disposal projects. In addition, safety of the water supply projects in the project locations are guaranteed. The Company’s zero-carbon energy platform, solid waste and renewable resources platform, water eco-platform and urban environmental service platform also actively assist local government departments to carry out pandemic prevention and control.

According to the Urgent Notice on Winning the War of Pandemic Prevention and Control by Giving More Fund Supports to the Key Enterprises for Pandemic Prevention and Control (CJ(2020)5) jointly issued by the five ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Company strives for support based on relevant national support policies. Through application, the Company and its 23 subsidiaries (including Tus Urban Environmental Service Group Co., Ltd., Yichang Thunip Three Gorges Water Co., Ltd., Ezhou Thunip Eqing Water Co., Ltd. and Jingmen Thunip Xiajiawan Water Co., Ltd.) have been included in the list of key enterprises for pandemic prevention and control. Up to now, the Company and its 16 subsidiaries have applied to relevant financial institutions for a total of RMB 573 million of special loan credit for pandemic prevention and control and obtained approval. The interest rate of the special loans is subject to the national special loan policies for pandemic prevention and control. The interest rate range of the special loans currently applied for is 2.05% - 3.05%. As of the date of this announcement, the relevant financial institutions have accumulatively lent RMB 529 million to the Company and its subsidiaries, with the loan funds being duly invested in the Company’s efforts on pandemic prevention and control.


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