Thunip, A Subsidiary Of TUS-EST, Won The Bid Of RMB 770 Million Kaifeng Water Supply Project
Release:2020-6-18 |View:1866

Tus-EST announced today that its subsidiary Thunip Corp., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Thunip”) recently received the Letter of Acceptance issued by Kaifeng Urban Management Bureau (Kaifeng Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau). According to the Letter of Acceptance, Thunip is selected as the winning bidder for the “Social Capital of the Water Supply Construction Project of the Second Waterworks in Kaifeng New District”, with the bid exceeding RMB 770 million. This project will be constructed and operated by Thunip in the form of BOT, and the operating period is approved as 30 years.


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