The Commissioning and Trial Operation of TUS-EST Jinan Domestic Waste Incineration for Power Generation
Release:2020-7-1 |View:2190

On June 30, the video launch meeting for the commissioning and trial operation of TUS-EST Jinan (Mashan, Changqing) Domestic Waste Incineration for Power Generation (hereinafter referred to as the Jinan Project) was held as scheduled in Beijing and Jinan respectively. The success of the boiler firing marked a transition of the Jinan Project from the construction period to the commissioning and trial operation stage. Everyone witnessed another milestone moment in TUS-EST’s integration of energy and environmental protection!


Through the operation of the Jinan Project, Jinan City's domestic waste treatment capacity will be increased to 1,500 tons/day and 470,000 tons/year, and the proportion of incineration treatment of domestic waste in the city will be increased by over 90%, thereby realizing the three-year goal of Jinan City in the treatment of domestic waste. The heads of Jinan Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Mashan Town Government of Changqing District, TUS-EST and Jinan Energy Construction & Development Group participated in the launch meeting.

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