Flowers of coordination bloom in the Central Plains
Release:2019-10-24 |View:1802

On the morning of October 23, Qidi environmental zero carbon energy center held the "low carbon and energy saving project seminar of collaborative innovation city" in Zhengzhou Qidi Zhengdong science and technology city.

The participants mainly focused on the development of urban low-carbon energy conservation, gave full play to the regional advantages of Henan Province, cooperated with the advantages of tus holding and tus environment platform, and discussed in-depth the integrated innovation and model innovation in urban energy conservation, zero carbon waste free park construction, low-carbon environmental protection innovation research and development, intelligent energy and other fields.


Qin Ling, vice president of tus environment and general manager of zero carbon energy center, pointed out that from the perspective of industrial chain, facing the needs of Henan Province, we should analyze the resource endowment of Henan Province, the core needs, existing problems and challenges in low-carbon environmental protection, integrate the advanced and innovative technologies, products and models at home and abroad, and form a series of low-carbon environmental protection solutions in Henan Province to help the low-carbon environment Intelligent manufacturing enterprises and scientific and technological innovation enterprises in the carbon and environmental protection industry chain have landed in Henan, promoting the high-quality development of Henan.

Chen Qi, executive deputy general manager of Henan Qidi Donglong Co., Ltd., introduced that Henan Qidi has always implemented the collaborative strategy of Qidi holdings, attached great importance to collaborative development, actively promoted in-depth cooperation, and hoped to speed up the implementation of the project of environmental zero carbon energy center and make it a model project of energy conservation in science and technology park. Cao Yijia, deputy general manager of yuzipuhe company, said that as a partner of tus environment in Henan, he would fully cooperate with tus environment to arrange environmental protection and energy projects and promote the implementation of urban energy conservation projects.

Based on the ecological concept of "environmental protection and energy governance", tus environmental zero carbon energy center aims at different regions, different users, different needs and different contradictions to provide landing solutions for its comprehensive treatment, efficient energy use and circular development needs. This meeting is an effective attempt to implement the goal of "zero carbon and no waste builder" and realize the goal of "energy and environmental protection integration". It provides a model and thinking for enterprises in Henan Province to develop zero carbon and no waste, and provides a platform for resources of all parties to cooperate widely. The seminar was a complete success.

The main partners in Henan Province, such as Henan Qidi Donglong, Shenzhen gelida, yuzipuhe and jiuyu Longyuan company, attended the meeting.

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